Commercial photographers Cardiff

As a Cardiff marketing professional you will understand the importance of images and the message they convey to your customers. It may take several seconds to read a sentence but it only takes a fraction of a second for the eye to recognise a picture and the brain to react to its subject. Good commercial photographers know how to use their art to make a product look desirable, dynamic, and unique.

Mansel Davies is one of the leading commercial photographers in Cardiff and taking a quick look at his résumé it's easy to see why. As an all round professional with experience in portrait, landscape, and wedding photography, Mansel has a broad background of experience to fall back on. This gives him an edge over many other Cardiff photographers, who may specialise in only one type of work. The skills learnt pursuing one type of photography are transferable to many others, contributing to Mansel’s fresh and creative approach.

Lighting is a critical element in any kind of photography, but in the world of commercial photography it is elevated to an art form in itself. Showing your product at its best is what gives Mansel Davies the most satisfaction. The angle of lighting in a publicity photograph is crucial: if the product is lit only from the front, as with a camera mounted flash, the resulting image will look flat and lack depth. On the other hand, if the light source is behind the subject, it may appear as a silhouette and details will be lost. For a well balanced image it is usually preferable to use several light sources at many different angles. Many observers are surprised just how bright the studio lights have to be to create a vibrant image. Often these lights are used with diffusers to tone down reflections.

At its peak, Cardiff was the busiest port in the world, and it remains very much the commercial centre of Wales. While most of the traffic at that time was coal, it must have meant many other fascinating goods passed through the area. These days, Cardiff docks still bustle with activity and a vast range of items are shipped from and to the area every year. And of course, all these products must be marketed to potential customers. Only the best photographers can consistently do justice to this vast range of goods.

Of course, not everyone markets products which can be photographed in a studio environment. Many commissions see intrepid commercial photographers treading city streets, scaling grassy hillsides, or venturing even further afield. Mansel Davies loves to capture something fresh, or put a new spin on an old subject. That’s why you may often find him perched atop a stepladder by one of Cardiff’s famous landmarks, or crouching in the mud in a remote farmers field; ankle deep in the Severn estuary, or on a hill overlooking one of the great European cities. Whatever image you need to illustrate your business, Mansel Davies is the man to call.