Commercial Photography Monmouthshire

When commercial photography is what you need, then it pays to get it right. You want to showcase your product in the absolute best light, and that requires a little creative thinking to get the right fit for your customer base and your marketing needs. Searching for great commercial photography in Monmouthshire has led you here, but as well as selecting the right photographer, there are a few other factors you need to work out to get those high-quality images which will showcase what you do in the best possible light.

Consider Your Product Photography Needs

There are certainly some do’s and don’ts when it comes to working with a commercial photographer on a brief for your work.

Consider the overall number of product images you require
Set out any hard limits on your marketing budget which may constrain what you can do
Specify clearly any deadlines that depend on the images
List out any specific ‘must have’ shots
Be detailed on when, where and how the commerical imagery will be used
Think about any special props, clothing items or locations you will need

Forget to factor in additional time for any retouching work, amendments and reshoots to any publication deadlines
Ask one photographer to copy the work of another - each commerical photographer has their own method
Go without supplying your brand guidelines, so you can illustrate how the images are likely to be used
Begin shooting without agreeing a clear brief in advance including terms of usage and timescales of delivery

How To Use Your Commercial Photography Images

The type of image your photographer shoots will vary, and rates are generally connected to use case and shoot process. There may also need to be supply of the images in different formats depending on your intentions - for example, photos for publication in a brochure or other marketing literature will be supplied at a much higher resolution than images for use online.

Building A Working Relationship With Your Commercial Photographer

As you search for a great commercial photographer in the Monmouthshire area, you’re going to want to develop a strong working relationship; as the photographer gets to know your brand and the sort of visual style you’re aiming for, and as you get to know the photographer’s shooting schedule and eye for detail, you can begin to collaborate on some striking product images which will really catch the eye of your customers and show off your products to the best advantage. A creative partnership between business and photographer allows the best imagery to be taken. Then you will be able to work together to create a brief. This document specifies where the images will be used, what they will be used for, the timescales in which the images are needed, the background to the company and the campaign that you’re shooting for, any required details such as particular photography styles, working methods, required locations and models, if any are being used, as product photography can span a huge range from static items on a fixed background to tableau, more reportage style shots or those involving modelling. With a good partnership, and some creative input from both sides, you can achieve some amazing product photography.