Commercial Photographers Newport

The world of advertising is a lucrative and worthy endeavour. In one year alone the UK spends tens of billions of pounds on making, designing, producing, and displaying adverts. Advertising comes in many different formats, mostly verbal and visual. What is interesting about some visual commercial adverts is, that while you go about your daily lives in Newport, adverts have entered your mind and subconscious without you even noticing. Pictures, photographs and artistry all have an effect on us depending on what our motivation is. The key is for the professionals, and in this case, the photographers, to show the commercial products themselves in a way that appeals to the masses and not just the few.

In Newport, our commercial photographers understand the value of displaying a product, so that not only can the consumer see what it is, but also so that it is showcased to it’s best advantage. For example, lighting is of huge importance, and it must be evaluated depending entirely on its subject matter and to a degree it’s market. Light can either distract from, our enhance the product being taken by photographers. In the instance photographers are asked to photograph jewellery for example, they will want to make the pieces sparkle, rather than daze.

There are many commercial photographers out there in Newport, who may specialise in certain types of product or settings. However, when you find a person that values the joys of all kinds of photography, you get something that bit more unique. More independent photographers can indulge and appreciate better the value and joy of your product and services. Rather than constantly being immersed in the product, so that the photographers style and angle become perfunctory, a new look often produces a more refreshing commercial advert, helping your product to stand out amongst its competitors.

This is why choosing Mansel Davies, who caters to the Newport area, is an excellent choice for your commercial advertising and product promotion. He can cater to the needs of your website, your shop and any leafleting or commercial brochures or cards you need in order to make your services a success. He is known as one of the best photographers in the business, as he has received honours for his work.

Mansel Davies also recognises the importance that photographers must place on having good customer relations. Feedback is of the utmost importance, but also recognising that the product is the work of the client, respect is also given to the choices and wishes of the commercial client. For instance, a band may need to promote their music, performances and merchandise. But whatever the bands form of music is, and whatever the image of the band is, will have a huge impact of the style and imagery of the photographs.

To find out more about this photographers portfolio and services, check out the website at You will find an extensive list and gallery of commercial jobs undertaken by this professional and talented photographer.